telecast tel‧e‧cast [ˈtelikɑːst ǁ -kæst] noun [countable] TELECOMMUNICATIONS
a programme on television:

• the marketing of college football telecasts

— telecast verb [transitive] :

• TNT will telecast five hours of Olympic games coverage each afternooon.

* * *

telecast UK US /ˈtelɪkɑːst/ US  /ˈtelɪkæst/ noun [C] US
a programme that is broadcast on television: »

a live/prime-time/network telecast

telecast UK US /ˈtelɪkɑːst/ US  /ˈtelɪkæst/ verb [T] US
to broadcast something on television: »

The debate will be telecast by CNN.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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